Custom Metal Fabrications

This is the process by which the metal is cut, shaped or shaped into an end product like a part of the chassis or other metal part of the structure of the car.We work with metal bars, sheet metal and spare parts components, which required in a variety of dimensions. Many production shops can create metal products in large shapes and sizes. However, when you your dream requires a non-standard, shaped metal product, our custom fabrication services can provide design, as well as prepare and produce custom-made components.

Types of services

Our customised metal manufacturing service can help at any stage of the development process. Regardless of what you need, whether it is a complete production process or component design, we provide the following various services:

Design - The specific part or product features are conceptualised, created and analysed
Build - metal product is shaped and components built
Finishing and assembly - Product quality is improved by post-production processing

Installation and finishing

Some metal products require additional finishing procedures to meet the specifications according to their intended use. A combination of services may also be necessary to combine two or more components to form a single functional unit. Some necessary secondary treatments are needed: gluing, grinding, painting, sawing, screwing, removing bolts and wetting. We provide all services in house from a very experienced team.

Used Materials

When necessary, or when needed we make use of precious various metals and alloys such as aluminium, silver, gold, copper, brass, nickel, iron, tin, titanium and various steels to for a ecofriendly end product. /p>


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